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Your personal and executive assistant in one package. Exec•Q•sist adheres to all World Health Organisation (WHO) regulations. Our main target is for those who travel for work purposes around the globe. From live video conferencing, book keeping, graphic design and hotel and travel arrangements – we do it all.

Our goal is to alleviate contact with other people to help curb the spread of the current worldwide pandemic. We have teamed up with safe, sanitized hotels around the world for business travels, essential service workers and any other permit holder for travel.

Give us a call today and we will cater a package that suits your needs. Alternatively, choose from our hourly rate or retainer rate which includes all services.


Featured Services

A few of the services we offer include:


Running your business can easily become an 18-hour-a-day job, especially when you are the person handling every aspect of your business, from sales to management to admin. Let us take on some of the load.

Calendar Management​

Keeping on top of your schedule can be difficult at times, especially in this new era of working remotely. We are experts at working remotely and can help you stay on top of your game.

Financial Administration

Over and above all our services, Exec•Q•sist specialises in Financial Administration and Accounting where we assist with Business and Personal Finance Administration.

Social Media Marketing

Social media permeates every aspect of our lives these days, and putting your product, service or brand in front of the eyes of those on social media is becoming increasingly essential.


The Team

Nicholas Grigoratos

Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas serves as the CEO of Exec•Q•sist, coming on board with pride and dignity in the very early days, and brings with him visions of taking this brainchild straight to the top. With 15 years experience and qualifications in IT, marketing, design and administration, there is no better candidate to team up with founder William Massey-Hicks. You can count on Nicholas and the team to guide you through this “new normal”.

William Massey-Hicks

Chief Financial Officer

William is the proud founder of Exec•Q•sist, which was launched in mid-2020. Assuming his role of Chairman and CFO behind this epic idea, alongside CEO Nicholas Grigoratos, he has created a quintessential platform and portal which is easily accessible to clients online, providing them with efficient and quality service at the fraction of the cost, compared to hiring an on-site assistant.



It’s a whole new world out there and it calls for a whole new way of doing business. Exec•Q•sist is there to assist you every step of the way.

If you’re new to the concept of Virtual Assistants, our FAQ may prove useful to you.

Why Choose Exec•Q•sist

If the concept of Virtual Assistants is new to you, here are three reasons why Exec•Q•sist is right for you.


Our vision is to provide you with the full quality standard of service as a fully functional on-site Executive Assistant, but at a fraction of the cost, avoiding time and money wasting. Managing your business with minimal expenses.


Dedication and customer service is what we stand for at ExecQsist. With your very own assigned Virtual Assistant, you can expect prompt and professional service, relieving you of any stresses encountered by managing your business.


Over and above cost and efficiency, we don’t believe in quantity, but rather quality! The standard of our services are meticulously scrutinized, before being sent back to our clients. We take pride in our services and want our clients to be as proud of their businesses as we are.


Our Clients

What They Have To Say

I think it is safe to say that running your own business can present tremendous stresses and pressures, and technically you would need an assistant (or two!) to basically manage your life – kind of like The Devil Wears Prada! Although I am anything but that high maintenance, the team at Exec•Q•sist have been hands on assisting me, with my assigned VA handling, well everything that needs to be done – Admin, Accounts, HR, Legal matters, Advertising & Marketing. Stress levels decreased.

Exec•Q•sist has an in-house experienced and tasteful freelance copywriter, which they outsource to Office Online on occasion. He has a lot of attention to detail and really gets involved in and passionate about his content and client’s requests. He would be an asset to any company! We are certainly happy with his work and the efforts he puts into any given task.

While trying to juggle the many needs of a political blog and YouTube channel, it has been a huge relief to be able to rely on the folks at Exec•Q•sist to handle our general admin and scheduling. If you are in need of a reliable, efficient, remote admin team, look no further than William and his crew.

William and his team have shown tremendous efforts and creative flare - ghost writing, copywriting and content writing for us, off-site, since 2019. We have been content and impressed with the efficiency and creativeness they provide.

Robyn Coch
Head Copywriter: Robyn is Write

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